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Garfeilds vegan foods

I was hugely dissatisfied with the vegan cheeses being produced by large companies, so I created my own.

In our first year, we won the ‘Kent Life Food & Drink awards’ for ‘Food Producer of the Year’, and in 2021 we were a finalist in the ‘World Plant Based Awards’ for our cashew nut ‘Not-Brie’ which was held in New York.

With a degree in Home Economics and a natural ability for New Product Development, I have gone on to create 7 premium cheeses made from cashew nuts or almonds. I am proud that we are different in that all of our cheeses are made from nuts and not just fats and starches! They are made by hand in small batches adopting traditional cheese making methods including natural fermentation. I have expanded the foods to include our very popular, (even with non-vegans), sausage rolls and quiches.

Our Vegan Blue is the most difficult and challenging to produce, but it is certainly making waves amongst customers and competitors, achieving over 52,000 views on a recent LinkedIn post! We get enquiries about our cheeses from all around the world. I hope that one day our products will be available internationally.

We love the market at Cliftonville! We love its diversity, its spirit and of course the people who come to support us all. In spite of being forced to move from its long term site at The Oval, the market continues to flourish and thrive, expanding all the time with new stall holders with an ever increasing range of plant based foods to choose from. The market’s success is indeed testimony to June and the team’s vision, tenacity and determination in building a market which brings the community together.

Happy 22nd anniversary and long live Cliftonville Farmers Market!

Garfield’s Vegan Food Company

Donna from Garfields Vegan Foods, was the first vegan stall to join the market when we were on the Oval Lawns. Immediately, Donna had a vegan following. She is passionate about her cheeses and is a very knowledgeable lady on veganism.

We were thrilled when she won her well deserved award and so pleased she stayed with us.

Thank you Donna & Alan.
June Chadband

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